The fighting arts have been a part of Glenn's life for as long as he can remember.


In 1969, Glenn's father, Gregory Doyle bought him his first pair of boxing gloves and at the tender age of four - he began his training in boxing - then in 1972 began learning his family's style of stick fighting.


In 1981 Glenn began studying Hung Gar Kung Fu at the Jing Mo Kung Fu Club under the tutelage of the famous 'Demon Fighter' -- Sifu Lore King Hong of Toronto's Chinatown.


In 1999 his book, The Martial Artist's Way was released internationally. A revised edition is now on AMAZON


Glenn has worked with hundreds of athletes from a variety of different sports including Figure Skating World Champion, Elvis Stojko, ice dancers Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, the Philadelphia Bulldogs, Pro-Roller Hockey teams, marathon runners, basketball teams, soccer teams, football teams, and baseball teams.

Doyle Stick Fighting

Doyle Irish Stick Fighting - is a two-handed combative system developed by a Doyle family in Ireland. This system was brought to Canada via a Doyle who settled in the rough and tumble landscape of the Atlantic's Newfoundland coast.

While most Irish styles used the one-handed methods (much like fencing) the Doyle style evolved from a one-handed longer range style to a much more 'close-quarter' two-handed style when a family member fused the principles of pugilism into the motions of the stick.

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