Doyle Irish Stick Fighting

Rince an Bata Uisce Bheatha or Doyle Irish Stick Fighting - is a devastatingly effective two-handed combative system developed well over 200 years ago by a Doyle family in Ireland. This system was brought to Canada in the early 1800s via a Doyle who settled in the rough and tumble landscape of the Atlantic's Newfoundland coast.

As most of the stick fighting styles eventually became extinct in Ireland (due to socio-political changes, and access to other forms of modern weapons etc), The Doyle family style was practiced, guarded, nurtured, further evolved, and passed on through a Doyle family residing in Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.

While most Irish styles used the one-handed methods (much like fencing) the Doyle style evolved from a one-handed longer range style to a much more 'close-quarter' two-handed style when a family member fused the principles of pugilism into the motions of the stick.

Rince an Bata Uisce Bheatha: The Doyle Family unbroken stick fighting lineage that was developed in Ireland - survived in Newfoundland -- and is now practiced today all across the globe.






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