Newfoundland-born Glenn Doyle has been involved in filmmaking since 1987, studying at Toronto's Ryerson University for Screenwriting and Theatre Arts and subsequently Humber College for Print, Radio, and Television Journalism. He has seen his written works both produced and published internationally.


He wrote the feature film 'Sometimes a Hero' ('Cold Vengeance' US DVD Title), and 'The Circuit', both projects were internationally distributed. The success of 'The Circuit' prompted demands from international buyers for 'Circuit 2', and 'Circuit 3 Street Monk' - thus a successful film franchise was born.


An accomplished martial artist, Glenn is also the author of the non-fiction book 'The Martial Artist's Way' (1999) published by Harper Collins in Canada and Tuttle Publishing in the U.S.


In 2012, he wrote and direct the highly successful stage production 'Land of the Eternals'. The show was so well received that the production was requested to launch the 2013 season for the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.


In 2016, Glenn's children's book series 'LAFFNATTER: The Guy With Wheels On His Feet', based on a character from his 'Land of the Eternals' production, was only available in limited release in 2014, but is now available on AMAZON in paperback format!!!!


Recently, Glenn wrote, directed, and starred in the 16 minute short film 'JUST A BEER' along side famed comedian Sean Cullen. Just A Beer is currently making a 'festival run', and so far has been a finalist in the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival, Hollywood Screening Film Festival, Sweet As Film Festival, as well as seen Glenn nominated for BEST WRITER (Short Film) by the Alternative Film Festival Awards.


London Ontario's 2018 FRINGE FESTIVAL was the platform that hosted Glenn's dramatic stageplay SOMETHING LOVED. It was written & directed by Glenn and choreographed by his wife Roselle.


IN A WORD is Glenn's latest short film currently making its festival run, and has already WON a BEST SCRIPT & BEST FILM AWARD.


Later this year, the short films USE OF DEADLY FORCE and LOTS OF VOLUNTARY EFFORT both of which were written by Glenn will be released.


Also, his screenplay LAW OF THE PAW has been turned into a 167-page GRAPHIC NOVEL and is NOW available on Amazon.









iChill Manila Int'l Film Festival





BEST FILM (Mobile Phone)

Short To The Point Film Festival



Written & Directed by Glenn Doyle


IN A WORD sees a chance meeting on a park bench teach two strangers the pure emotion of every single word they speak to each other.




Written by G. DOYLE and Illustrated by L. O'MOORE


Invoked thousands of years ago by an ancient druidic order, the ‘Law of the Paw’ forbade all werewolves from killing humans.


It was a law so sacred, that if ever broken, it would mean the end of the entire lupine race.


Present day America. ‘The Law’ is violently ignored, forcing the surviving werewolves to send one of their own out into the general populace to frantically find the guilty party and bring them to justice before a ruthless ethereal executioner wipes out the entire pack.








The fighting arts have been a part of Glenn's life for as long as he can remember.


In 1969, Glenn's father, Gregory Doyle bought him his first pair of boxing gloves and at the tender age of four - he began his training in boxing - then in 1972 Glenn began learning his family's style of IRISH STICK FIGHTING.


In 1981 Glenn began studying Hung Gar Kung Fu at the Jing Mo Kung Fu Club under the tutelage of the famous 'Demon Fighter' -- Sifu Lore King Hong of Toronto's Chinatown.


In 1999 his book, The Martial Artist's Way became a bestseller. A revised edition is now on AMAZON


Glenn has worked with hundreds of athletes from a variety of different sports including Figure Skating World Champion, Elvis Stojko, ice dancers Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, the Philadelphia Bulldogs, Pro-Roller Hockey teams, OHL and NHL players, marathon runners, basketball teams, soccer teams, football teams, and baseball teams.



Written by Sifu Glen Doyle




A simple but effective guide to help anyone begin or continue on their martial arts path.


Filled with experiences and guidance, the Sifu Doyle covers topics from choosing a style and school to cross-training your martial arts with other sports. No matter what your level in the fighting arts, novice or expert -- this book has some sage advice for you.


This is a revised and updated edition of the author's original book, The Martial Artist's Way published in 1999.



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