Whispers from the Dolmen

A Collection of Short Stories


Death has many faces and forms;

It can be ruthless or merciful — and sometimes, it even has a sense of humor.


  • A dystopian society uses ugliness as a commodity to be harvested.
  • A hapless everyman is challenged to a high-risk game of Frogger by Death itself.
  • An elderly janitor gets help from an angel during a school shooting.
  • A son must make an unthinkable decision to honor his father’s unusual last request.
  • Find out what happens when you travel down the forbidden Dock Ridge Road and beware the weeping woman on Hill-266.


Mr. Doyle invites you to spiral into the rabbit hole of mortality in Whispers from the Dolmen, a contemplation on the mysteries of life, death, and what lies beyond the veil.


Rest your weary soul at the waystation between realms in Whispers from the Dolmen, a collection of 11 all-new short stories.


Glenn Doyle has been involved in filmmaking since 1987, studying at Toronto's Ryerson University for Screenwriting and Theatre Arts and subsequently Humber College for Print, Radio, and Television Journalism. He has seen his written works both produced and published internationally.


He wrote the feature film 'Sometimes a Hero' ('Cold Vengeance' US DVD Title), and 'The Circuit', both projects were internationally distributed. The success of 'The Circuit' prompted demands from international buyers for 'Circuit 2', and 'Circuit 3 Street Monk' - thus a successful film franchise was born.


In 2012, he wrote and direct the highly successful stage production 'Land of the Eternals'. The show was so well received that the production was requested to launch the 2013 season for the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.


Glenn wrote, directed, and starred in the 16-minute short film 'JUST A BEER' along side famed comedian Sean Cullen. Just A Beer is currently making a 'festival run', and Sean & Glenn have won numerous awards for both acting & writing.


London Ontario's 2018 FRINGE FESTIVAL was the platform that hosted Glenn's dramatic stageplay SOMETHING LOVED. It was written & directed by Glenn and choreographed by his wife Roselle.


IN A WORD is Glenn's latest short film currently making its festival run, and has already WON a BEST SCRIPT & BEST FILM AWARD.



Also, his screenplay LAW OF THE PAW has been turned into a 167-page GRAPHIC NOVEL and is NOW available on Amazon.


In 2016, Glenn's children's book series 'LAFFNATTER: The Guy With Wheels On His Feet', based on a character from his 'Land of the Eternals' production, was only available in limited release in 2014, but is now available on AMAZON in paperback format!!!!


An accomplished martial artist, Glenn is also the author of the non-fiction book 'The Martial Artist's Way' (1999) published by Harper Collins in Canada and Tuttle Publishing in the U.S.


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